We grow at least 6 different varieties of blueberries throughout the season.  For a more detailed description of each variety, click here.  

2019 Berry Prices are as follows:

You-pick (which means you come pick them yourself): $2.25 per pound.  Bring your own containers!

Ready-pick (which means we pick them and get them ready for you): $3.25 per pound.  We provide the container!

Although blueberries are certainly the star of the show at Fritts Berry Farm, we try to offer a wide selection of additional products for you to enjoy.  Each year, our products vary and grow.  Check back through the season and each year for updates.  Phone orders and on-line orders are not available, on-site purchases only.  We accept cash or checks.

Stay tuned for updates on new products, including homemade on-the-farm products:

Blueberry Preserves – 20 oz. of deliciously preserved fruit, with chunks of fruit. 

Blueberry Select Preserves –  20 oz. of higher quality, natural fruit and ingredients.  No high fructose corn syrup. 

Blueberry jam – 11 oz. of smooth fruit spread, without chunks of fruit. 

Blueberry Spread – 20 oz. of spreadable fruit, lower sugar content.  Sweetened with white grape juice.

Blueberry Syrup – 12 oz. of sweet blueberry flavor, great for ice cream as well as pancakes.

Locally farmed and produced Honey – Container size may vary.  Always raw honey, produced through the same beekeeper that pollinates our fields!

And just in case you forgot something …

Small supplies of:  


Cold beverages


Bug repellent

Rain ponchos