I'm sitting here now eating some of the sweetest most delicious blueberries ever. I live in the Indianapolis area and a friend who used to live in your area lives here now. She picked them up at your farm late afternoon today and has delivered them to several friends a few minutes ago. I think my teeth must be stained blue now from eating handfuls. Thanks so much for growing blueberries. As a former farm girl I understand how much work goes into raising them.


I went last year and your berries were huge and so sweet I had to buy more to freeze because we ate so many before I even got to freeze them.


Best blueberries are from Fritts farm..love them...can't wait!!!


Love love love this farm! It is great! Such good blueberries.


Best blueberries in NW Indiana. Excellent service, great atmosphere, quality berries. Couldn't be happier!