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2022 Berry Prices are as follows:

You-pick (which means you come pick them yourself): $2.75 per pound.  Bring your own containers!

Ready-pick (which means we pick them and get them ready for you): $3.75 per pound.  We provide the container!

Our Berries


The first variety to ripen for the season. Earliblue bushes produce extra-large fruit with a mild taste. It’s always exciting to see the Earliblues ripening. They taste excellent when you’ve been waiting all year for a fresh berry!


Bluecrop produces a medium sized, firm fruit with a delicious sweet flavor. Bluecrop and Blueray both are mid-season bearing bushes and most likely to land in your buckets and homes when you come to Fritts Berry Farm.


The Elliott berry is another late season berry with a good shelf life. Elliotts are relatively rare at our berry farm. The bushes produce large and firm berries but can be relatively tart.


This sweet-tart flavored berry has a high yield potential and arrives mid-season. The bushes tend to weigh down due to heavy fruit bearing. The fruit size is very good. Blueray and Bluecrop are the varieties most likely to be picked by you and your family.


This firm, light blue and very large fruit has good storage capacity. Berkley’s flavor is mild or fair. This berry was one of “Granny” Barb Fritts’ favorites!


The latest variety of the season, Jersey’s are often harvested by machine and sent to market. This smaller, softer berry is one of our sweetest varieties and a favorite for baking.

Stay tuned for updates on new products, including homemade on-the-farm products:

Blueberry Preserves – 20 oz. of deliciously preserved fruit, with chunks of fruit. 

Blueberry Select Preserves –  20 oz. of higher quality, natural fruit and ingredients.  No high fructose corn syrup. 

Blueberry Jam – 11 oz. of smooth fruit spread, without chunks of fruit. 

Blueberry Spread – 20 oz. of spreadable fruit, lower sugar content.  Sweetened with white grape juice.

Blueberry Syrup – 12 oz. of sweet blueberry flavor, great for ice cream as well as pancakes.

Local Honey – Container size may vary. Always raw honey, produced through the same beekeeper that pollinates our fields!

And just in case you forgot something …We also have snacks, cold beverages, sunscreen, insect repellent, ponchos, gifts, and more


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